Etsy: Ellen May Illustration

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Cards c/o Ellen May Illustration

I just had to share some lovely things from a very cute little Etsy shop! Sophie and Lauren, two sweet ladies, got in touch a little while ago and asked if they could show me some of their products, and I'm so glad they did as now I can share them with you! These two clever ladies are illustrators and make gorgeous cards, bookmarks and paper goods perfect for special occasions or just brightening up the place. I've recently been collecting cute greeting cards to put in frames to decorate my boring, rented space, and think the 'Babe Bubbles' card print is going to look fab on my desk! I've also got my eye on the Birthday Pizza which would be perfect for any foodie loving friends! At £2.00 a hand designed card, they make such a lovely personal touch for a special person on their birthday, and the fact that they are local to Brighton just seals the deal for me. If you've got a note to send sometime soon, I'd definitely recommend checking out Ellen May Illustration!

PS: They also run a blog, so go check that out too! 

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