Food: Riverford Recipe Box

riverford2 riverford1 riverford3 riverdord4 riverford5 riverford6 riverford7 riverford8 There’s one thing that I’m not particularly good at hiding on here, and that is quite how much I love food. If I ate a little more adventurously, I think I could even write a food blog, and might even do that one day. I love eating and I love cooking, but sadly I don’t always have as much time as I’d like to be able to do it. As if by magic, almost as though they'd heard my woes, a lovely person from Riverford Organic got in touch and asked if I'd like to try out one of their new recipe boxes, designed to bring 'fuss free cooking'. I of course couldn't say no to an offer like that and picked out the Quick Recipe Box - 'speedy seasonal recipes' ready in around 30 minutes. The idea is simple yet brilliant, they send you a big old box filled with the exact amount of ingredients, and organic fresh ones at that, to make 3 recipes for two people.

The recipes change every week depending on what is fresh on the farm and in season. I was sent a recipe and ingredients for Ham Hock Chowder, Broad Bean Frittata and Lamb Steaks with Spring Greens. All of which were absolutely delicious. Sadly my pictures of the Lamb Steaks had an issue for some reason and couldn't leave the camera without corrupting, but I can assure you it was amazing. Probably my favourite of the 3 was the Broad Bean Frittata, which originally I was expecting to like the least. The flavour combinations were magical and the finished product looked really impressive. It was the sort of thing I'd be happy to serve at a dinner party yet was incredible easy to create. It was fairly large too and I think it could have actually served 3, I was just generally so impressed with it as a meal. All three were really easy to make. My favourite thing though was that I was cooking things I would never usually think to make for myself. You get sent recipe cards so next time I place a Riverford order I will be picking up the same ingredients to make them again!

As the recipes change each week you can decide on the different boxes each week. As well as quick there are Original and Vegetarian boxes on offer which in turn offer different recipes to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. The box costs £39.95 which although perhaps not practical for everyday shopping, makes a really wonderful treat every once in a while. That works out at just over £6 per person per meal, which in light of the beautifully fresh and natural produce included, actually turns out as a rather good deal. A big thanks to Riverford for kindly sending me the box, which I absolutely loved. I already can't wait to order my next one.

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