Lovely Things #14

bflowers1 bflowers2 bflowers3 Is there anything lovelier than fresh Sweet Peas? I'm not sure there is. For this week's Lovely Things I thought I'd share the gorgeous bunch of flowers that my lovely boyfriend had delivered on my birthday. Roses and Sweet Peas are my favourite flowers so you can imagine how happy this beautiful bunch made me! The colours are stunning and they are just about still going now, and I've loved having them around in the house!

Other lovely things this week:
*Drinks with friends. It was so lovely to see some of the Brighton blogger ladies at an event on Thursday night. We couldn't resist a cheeky cocktail and a catch up afterwards, and we've all decided that we must do it more often!

*Sunnier weather. We woke up to some rather wonderful temperatures and sunshine the other morning and I really hope it stays! I feel so much better when the sun is out (don't we all!) and I think it's about time that we all had some warmer weather!

*Summer wardrobe.  With warmer days brings summer clothes, which I'm so excited about! I've started venturing out in skirts and sandals which makes me so happy, I'm now looking forward to finally putting away my wooly jumpers!

What are your lovely things from this week?

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