Lovely Things #15

lt15 I feel like I've been saying this a lot recently, which I feel very lucky about, but this week has been rather lovely! The biggest thing for me is completing (and passing!) my final assessments as a student teacher. It's finally beginning to sink in that it's done, and I'm starting to feel so excited. I have one more week of teaching to go, and then I'm finishing Uni for good. It's all a bit weird but I'm really looking forward to all the big changes I've got coming up! Other lovely things from this week include...

*Donuts I realise this is most definitely not the best way of doing things, but with a detox followed by a diet starting in the near future, I've been making the most of eating naughty foods! With everything changing over the next few weeks, I've got some more time to myself and therefore cannot make any more excuses! I've decided it's time to stop with the lazy, unhealthy eating habits I've got stuck into, and start up a regular exercise routine, and I'm really excited to get going and start feeling better! So this week, I've been making the most of my favourite treats that I'm going to start restricting, sweets, pastries and donuts included!

*Post Is there anything better than coming home after a busy day to find a parcel to open? I've had some rather lovely things pop through my door this week, including some gorgeous instagram fridge magnets, all of which will be coming up on here soon!

*Little things I finally had time to sit down and give myself a little manicure for the first time in weeks, and felt so much better for it! It's amazing quite how good little things can make you feel, and I'm loving having pretty hands again.

What lovely things have you been up to this week?

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