Photo Diary

lately3 I originally started this blog with the plan for it to be a diary. I have since discovered many other things that I am interested in writing about and photographing, and so 'life' posts can sometimes feel a bit out of place. I've been saving up some pictures that didn't seem to have a place for me to post them, so I have decided to make one! When I get a build up like I have now, I'm going to post all those inbetweeny photos in a diary post; all the day-to-day ones that get snapped but don't find a home. Hope you enjoy it! Starting of course with my lovely Daisy, and leading on to some snaps from the Concert At The Kings festival.lately4lately5
Idledwood live at Concert At The Kings
Merlin the not-so-little-anymore kitten!
lately2 lately1
Cocktails with some lovely ladies...
lately12 lately14 lately15

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