Beauty: BareMinerals Complexion Rescue

Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream c/o BareMinerals

You might have seen my post a while back on an evening masterclass I attended at BareMinerals Brighton. If you did, you will have read about me profusely declaring my love for the brand, and my general confusion about how I had never previously tried it! Since then, I've even gone and placed a rather hefty (sorry wallet!) order which I can't wait to share when it arrives! My new obsession however, stems from just one product. I was very kindly sent away from the event with their new Complexion Rescue to try out, which I have since used every single day! I've spent the last year or so hunting for the perfect foundation/base product, and I think I might just have found the one.

Complexion Rescue is the magical middle ground between a foundation, a tinted moisturiser and a bb cream, and it does everything you'd hope for and more. It's a lightweight gel based tinted cream that offers a light but buildable coverage, which is perfect for daily wear. I apply mine with my buffing brush (though I have just ordered the new BM brush that goes with it) and with very little work it blends beautifully into my natural skin tone, giving a beautiful airbrushed finish that looks very much like my actual skin, but without the usual redness and blemishes! I wear a little bit of concealer on the more problematic areas but not much, as this actually does a great job of covering up too. It's long lasting, I apply it first thing in the morning and it lasts me all day. My favourite feature is just how natural it looks, it looks like you're not wearing any makeup so makes it a great way to fake your way to perfect skin. Except, it's not all faking. It's got some ace skincare ingredients that do a rather good job of repairing while you're wearing it. I've noticed an overall calmness in my skin since I started daily wear; nothing miraculously acne-healing but I wouldn't expect that from a foundation, though I haven't had any major flareups and my general skin tone feels more balanced.

It's also an unbelievably quick and easy to use product. It's shaved time off my morning routine which is always a good thing, I literally pop some on my brush and buff it in, and then my base is done within seconds. At £26 for 35ml it works out a bit cheaper than you're average MAC foundation; it's not the cheapest in the world but in my opinion is totally worth it, and I can guarantee that this tube won't be my last!

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