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Over the last few weeks I've been trialling out a new food service. I adore food, but my downfall is in snacking; I just cant resist little treats, and often far too many of them, which really isn't so good for my appetite when it comes to meals, or my waist! EarlyBird have a new service called TasteBox, where every week they deliver you a fun little hexagon containing 5 snacks, one for each working day, and two teas to compliment it. From nut mixes to dried fruit to tiny little brownies, there's something to suit all preferences, and I enjoyed eating them all! Everything comes in small packages, just enough to keep you going but not so much you overindulge! My favourite has to be the Brownie Crumbles, which I received in two of the boxes, and found them great for a little pick me up during the day! The teas I've received have been absolutely lovely too, fresh teas in a silky bag, including darjeelings and interestingly flavoured green teas. It's the perfect service to get delivered to your office, the red and yellow box really brightened my day when it arrived, especially with the prospect of tasty treats inside!

Each of the boxes features artwork from different designers and illustrators which I think is a nice touch too! Also, once you've signed up, they have a nice loyalty scheme where your 5th Box is half price, and your 10th is free! When you sign up, your first box is £1, and the following are £4.50 each, which for 5 snacks and 2 teas, really isn't so bad!

I was also kindly send a Share Code, so if you fancy trying out the boxes, just enter bebop-8928 onto the website, and we'll both get one for free! How lovely! I really enjoyed trying out this service, and think you might just too if you're also a snack lover!

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