Instagram For Your Fridge

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Photo Magnets c/o Sticky9

Waaay back before I had a blog, I had an instagram account. It still continues to be my most favourite app, and my most favourite 'social platform' for sharing content; mostly just because it's a way of sharing pretty pictures whenever I feel like it. As well as sharing my own stuff, I love using it to find inspirations or keep up with friends. Sadly this means that I spend an unhealthy amount of time on my phone, which we all know isn't the most sociable of activities. However, the lovely people at Sticky9 have come up with a brilliant compromise, and found a way to bring instagram to your fridge!

The website is super simple, you log into your instagram account and select which pictures you'd like to use. I actually used a combination of instagram snaps and my own regular photos in the end, which was really easy to do as you just upload the ones you want. I went for two sets of the Classic 9 magnets in medium size, for £9.99 a set. It was quick and easy and they arrived within a couple of days in a pack small enough for the letter box, so no faffing around at the post office! For a personalised printed product I was really impressed with how quick they were! I think they make such a lovely gift idea, and a thoughtful one too to include someone's own pictures. I think they've really brightened up my fridge and I just love seeing a selection of my favourite people and things displayed in my kitchen. Whether you're looking for a friend or for your own fridge, I'd definitely recommend checking them out!

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