Capsule Wardrobe #1

So a little while ago I posted about my plans for a capsule wardrobe. I've been sticking to it for a few weeks now, and I am absolutely loving it! It's still early days and very much an adjustment period, but I'm getting on really well with it so far. After getting rid of a huge amount of stuff, and storing some seasonal pieces, I've pared my wardrobe right back, so I thought I'd share what's in it:

Skirts - x4

A classic black pencil skirt, striped A Line Mini, pastel button up and a wrap-around stripe pencil.
Trousers x6

Boyfriend fit jeans, loose printed trousers, dark indigo jeans, light skinny jeans, black joggers. (Also, not pictured) black skinnies.
Tops x6

Grey tee, Stripe tee, Daisy tee, grey tee, floral cami, black cami
Shirts x 2

Black Oversized Blouse & Denim Shirt

I haven't featured shoes as I figured that can come in a later post. This doesn't include basics like leggings, work out gear or underwear, and as well as this I have a blazer, leather jacket and denim jacket! I've also got a dress for going out and a dress for more formal occasions, but thought I'd only feature the more basic staples in this post. As I mentioned earlier, things seem to be going well so far, I'm feeling more creative in my outfit choices and less pressured in the mornings, as I always have something to wear! It's beginning to feel like my own little uniform which I love. I've got some outfits that could do with a little extra something so I'm currently planning a few additional purchases. I've also taken some pics of some of my favourite outfits so might even share a few outfit posts over the next few days! If you're also doing the whole capsule wardrobe thing then I'd love to hear how you're getting on, do leave a comment below or grab me on twitter!