Catching Up

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have spotted that I graduated this week! It was an amazing day, and rather lovely as my family came down to stay, but as a result, this week turned out rather busy and so I didn't get much blog time! I feel a bit behind so thought a catch-up post might be a good idea. I realised I have so many snaps sat on my phone that I haven't shared, so I thought I'd share them today! 

So, in July...

It was warm enough to wear all my pretty shoes! Probably one of my favourite things about summer. 
 I attended lots of lovely events, including Clinique, where I learned about contouring, and Posh Totty, which was so lovely!
 I also was invited to a lovely evening by La Belle Assiette. It's an amazing service where you can hire a chef to come to your home for the evening and cook, serve and clean up, perfect for a dinner party! The food was absolutely incredible, Chef Loic Le Pape is a very talented guy, serving up a 5 course meal of deliciousness. Definitely worth checking out if you need to host a dinner but aren't so keen on cooking!
 I drank plenty of coffee. And tea. And frappuccinos. You get the picture!
 I also had a bit of time to do some exploring! Having people to stay made us actually get up and explore our own city, which we don't do often enough! We also made the fairly dangerous discovery that you can buy pier donuts at midnight - magic!

So overall, July was really lovely! I have a whole tonne of photos from graduation this week that I will share soon. If you've done a post like this, please do leave a link below, I'd love to have a nosy at what you've been up to!

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