Honey Bronze by The Body Shop

hb2 hb3Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes, Face Gel and Tinted Leg Mist c/o The Body Shop

So I have a confession to make. I have never fake-tanned. As a 'beauty blogger' as such this might be considered a crime, but the whole thing just doesn't appeal to me. Sitting around in tanning goop just sounds a bit gross, and I'm really lucky in that I tan naturally and quickly in the summer months. However, this is a bit of an unreliable tactic in the UK. Having spent the last week in cloud and rain, it hasn't exactly been what you call optimum tanning conditions. Thankfully, The Body Shop have a rather wonderful alternative for tanning scaredy-cats like me, which can keep you bronzed no matter what the weather!

Honey Bronze isn't a new range but has had some new additions and an update for this summer. The Face Gel has had a little upgrade, making it an absolutely fab facial product for the warmer weather. It's fairly dark in the tube but is a lightly bronzing gel that is a great alternative to a tinted moisturiser when the temperature is warm. You can also buff it in on top of your base for a warmer glow, and is great for really quickly and easily warming up your complexion. Also for face, the range includes some gorgeous new Highlighting Domes, which I absolutely love! In three shades, Bronze, Pink and Golden, they work fab as both a blush and a highlight, I just sweep them over my cheekbones for a little pop of colour and shimmer.

The second picture is a little bizarre but I really wanted to show you the other newest addition, the Tinted Leg Mist, in action. My left hand has one spray rubbed in, and my right hand is just normal. Pretty impressive if you ask me! This product is an absolutely amazing alternative to tanning, you just spray it on and wash it off when you're done. It's great on the legs and body in general, I've also been using it to even out the funny tan line forming on my feet from strappy sandals. I think this is going to be so useful later in the year for formal occasions when I might want to get my legs out but am lacking in the natural summer glow. It's an all-round brilliant tan top-up! You can check out the whole range online at TheBodyShop.co.uk!

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