What's In My Bag?

If I had to pick a favourite kind of post to read, it’s definitely a ‘What’s In My Bag’! I absolutely love being able to take a sneaky peek into someone’s handbag, I think seeing what they carry around all day really gives you a glimpse into that person. The contents of each handbag are totally different too, and I think each can tell a story of the originality of the owner!
Harrogate Spring Water are currently running a campaign called ‘Drink Original’. As part of it, they are inviting people to share the contents of their handbag to see how it reflects the individuality and originality of the owner;after taking a good look into what I actually carry around all day I think it really does say quite a lot about me and who I am. A combination of essentials and little luxuries, it shows not only the things I enjoy doing but also the things I love!
So to peek inside mine….

My bag is a Radley Borough Market Tote, which I love as it is big enough to carry everything I need in it. Plus a jacket, spare pare of shoes and the kitchen sink if I needed it. It is huge! Those are all optional extras though so I thought I’d share the daily bits and pieces! I always carry around my small Whistles clutch to keep all the teeny tiny essentials that might otherwise get lost! Starting from the top, I carry my Ban.do Agenda to keep me organised, and my matching pencil case full of highlighters in case I need any on-the-go planner decoration. The other big essentials on from that are my keys and phone!
My ‘personal’ essentials that I always have during the day are mints, to keep my breath fresh, and a bottle of water. Some days I struggle to drink enough water and so keeping one with me helps me to remember. I love these Harrogate bottles as they are small enough to throw in your bag and take on the go! I also take my sunglasses for obvious reasons, my current nail polish for emergency topups, and at least one hand sanitiser.
I then pack my wallet and rail card, a lip balm (current favourite is by Korres), and my Sony Walkman and headphones for music on the go. For beauty on the move I try and keep it simple as I could otherwise quite happily carry my beauty collection in my bag, which my back and shoulders wouldn’t thank me for! I’ve slimmed it right down to a mini moisturiser and mascara sample, Benefit’s Speed Brow for emergency taming, and BareMinerals’ Well Rested for a quick glow top-up!
I feel like I’ve got my handbag in a good place at the moment, it’s got everything I need but not too much to carry! It’s quite fun to lay it all out too and see the recurring themes, it clearly shows my love for pink and pastels and general girlyness! I do feel that this shows my originality, carrying around the daily essentials as well as the things I love to make my day better: access to music and creativity wherever I go! I’d love to hear about what you keep in your bag too, and what it says about you! I would LOVE it if you shared yours, please do tag me on instagram (@carriebrighton) or twitter (@carrie_brighton!), and don’t forget to tag @HarrogateSpring and #DrinkOriginal too!

This post is written in collaboration with Harrogate Spring Water.