Autumn Home Updates & Inspiration

With Autumn just around the corner, or potentially having arrived already, I'm enjoying starting to change up my wardrobe, my coffee flavourings and general colour palette for the season. If you know me well you'll know how I never say no to pumpkin, whether that's in my latte, my pie or even my shower gel. Having been in student accommodation for the last few years, this is really the first opportunity I've had to update my home for the season too. Obviously my design plans are sadly a little limited due to still being in rented property, but I've still found a few ways to change things up.

I've started out by changing up my home fragrance, through candles and room scenters, and I find there is nothing that gets me in the mood for the new season quite like a spicy new home scent!

When you're limited on what you can do, I find art and trinkets are the easiest way to add personal touches to a place. My favourite purchases recently have come from Homesense, in the form of a super cute pumpkin pie sign and this a pumpkin dish (did I tell you I like pumpkins?).
If I were a homeowner or did have free reign though, it would be the walls and floors getting getting the first treatments. I'm currently loving statement walls, fairly neutral decor for most but one fabulous accent of a bold colour or interesting wallpaper pattern. For the floor, I'd definitely go for a change of carpets! Our current beige carpets aren't the most exciting, I'd love to go for a rich berry shade to warm up the living room, and something really thick, fluffy and cosy for the bedroom! I dream of the day when my home feels truly mine, made up of my own design and decoration!
Despite the rental status, my house is starting to feel just that bit more festive with a personal touch, and the little updates in the decor is definitely helping! If you're looking for some more inspiration, check out my pinterest board:

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How are you changing up your home this Autumn?