Lovely Things #21

As another busy old week draws to a close, I thought it was about time to share some lovely things. I feel a bit strange about blogging at the moment. I've got so much I wan't to share and say but unfortunately fairly little time and energy to do so. But looking for the positive there, that's because I'm doing so many other interesting and exciting things meaning that my spare time is to a minimum. I feel like I've been absolutely exhausted this week too, but I guess that's just from being busy. So, some lovely things from this week:

*Autumn wardrobe inspiration
Or should I say pinspiration? With an abundance of gorgeous September magazine issues this year, and the magic that is pinterest, I've really been enjoying planning my wardrobe for the coming cooler months. Check out my pinterest to see what I've been loving, but to give you a hint, there's plenty of hats, knitwear and orange jumpers!

I feel like I'm actually starting to make progress with getting a bit fitter. I've been going to the gym regularly, and I'm starting to find things a little easier and a bit more natural. I'm going to write about the process soon as going from a fairly stationary individual to a regular gym attendee has been quite the challenge. I'm feeling a bit better in myself generally though so I'm definitely feeling as though it's a good start!

*Settling In, and Planning Ahead
What with graduating and then starting to work full time, going away and plenty of other things going on, the last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind. I'm finally at home now for a longer period of time and things are starting to feel a bit more normal. This is my first September in many, many years where I haven't gone back to school in some form or another, and so I'm getting used to this 'everyday life' feeling. Not working to a term-time schedule is actually proving rather lovely!

What lovely things have you been up to recently?