Lovely Things #23

Happy Sunday! I'm taking today as a 'me' day which feels like a bit of a rare treat. After a lazy start I'm going to organise my house and take some photos, and I'm probably far too excited about it! This week was another busy one which seems to be coming the norm now. After three trips to London since Tuesday, I'm feeling pretty tired, so a rest day is being very well received. Friday night was probably my favourite time of the week, where after battling rush hour traffic we made it up to Wembley to watch Zac Brown Band. One of my absolute favourite bands who I have now seen twice, they absolutely did not disappoint and made it a really wonderful evening. There's something rather lovely in keeping gig tickets too, I imagine 14-year old me would be pretty proud of my collection by now. Other lovely things this week include:

*Seeing the Dovetail Trio, Loz's sister's band in Camden. Full of beautiful harmonies they are a really lovely act to go and see. Check out their tour schedule to see if they are anywhere near you, I'd definitely recommend it!

*Catching up with the gorgeous Jaye over coffee. She popped down to Brighton and it was super lovely to see her and natter over our mutual love for pretty much everything. We might actually be the same person!

*Getting on top of things. A simple one, but finally tackling that big pile of washing you've been putting off is rather satisfying. I've also been able to crack on with my big organising project, this week saw a halving (yes, really!) of my nail polish collection. Next stop: skincare. Eek!

What lovely things have you been up to this week?