The Body Shop: Spa Of The World

It's no secret around here that The Body Shop are possibly my most favourite beauty brand. My first ever bath and beauty products come from their store, and they make the classic products that I find myself buying and repurchasing as soon as they are empty, time and time again. I love them for the comfort in knowing that what I'm going to pick up is going to be great, whether it's my Strawberry Shower Gel, Cocoa Butter Body Butter or All-In One BB Cream (which I'm on about my 6th tube now!), I know I'm going to love it. It's one of the few places I'll happily shop online without going in to try it in store for fear it won't be for me: I know it always will, and chances are I'll love it. 

Therefore, when they bring out something ENTIRELY new, it's a very exciting occasion! I adore the classic formulations and so it's always lovely when a new fragrance is added to it, but when brand new products come along, it's very exciting! The Spa of the World range is just that, and I absolutely love it! A more indulgent, mature and downright classy range, it's far more like something you'd find in a London spa than in your regular high street shop. With new ingredients, formulations and interesting new products, I'm sure you're going to love it too!
The whole range is beautifully crafted, the oils are luxurious and leave the skin and hair soft and nourished. The Milk Bath leaves you feeling like an Egyptian princess, soaking away in a tub of sweet honey and milk and emerging radiant and glowing. The Body Clay feels like a treat for the soul as well as the skins, a great way to turn your bathroom into a spa with a treatment you wouldn't normally be able to manage at home. The absolute star of the range for me though, is the Japanese Camellia Cream. It is a thing of beauty, wonder and magic. It is hands down, the most lovely body product I have ever used. I'm actually struggling to put my love for it into words, you'll just need to try it for yourself. Although more expensive than the classic body butters, it's on a whole other level when it comes to soothing, softening and moisturising. The fragance is spectacular, gentle and floral but immediately transporting you to a glowing summers evening between falling blossom somewhere far more exotic than here. I LOVE it!

This range, thankfully, is a permanent addition, which is great for me as I'm going to need to stock up on about 30 of those body creams. I actually can't recommend this one enough, whether you're in need of a beautiful gift for a friend, or after some personal pampering, you definitely need to try this out!

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