Autumn at the Bluebird Tea Co.

 When something gets a an annually repeated post, you know it's got to be good. Spoiler alert, this is pretty much just going to be a repeat of this post, but you know what? I love it so much, it's worth saying again. You'll have probably noticed my love of pumpkin, It's not exactly something I keep quiet, alongside my love of tea and the lovely people at the Bluebird Tea Co! They are also very aware of my love of both pumpkins and tea and so very kindly sent me a pack of my absolute favourite: their rather magical Spiced Pumpkin Pie!

If you haven’t come across them before (where have you been?!), the Bluebird Tea Co are local Brighton experts in creating magical blends of the most exciting and unusual teas you could possibly imagine. Favourites of mine include Strawberry Lemonade (tea which tastes exactly as it’s named), Gingerbread Chai (which needs no explanation), and at this time of year, this beauty, the magical Spiced Pumpkin Pie. If you’re local, you should definitely stop in and try out their teas, they can make them into some seriously magical concoctions in their store, but if you’re a little further away, then check out their online store instead.
This autumn they have 4 special releases, a rerelease of my favourite pumpkin flavoured concoction, and three new additions of:
*Pudina Chai, a classic black tea chai with the added twist of mint
*Nuts about you, a fabulously nutty cuppa with almost, coconut and spices on a rooibos base, and
*Kung Flu Fighter, a cold-blasting remedy perfect for this time of year with echinacea, eucaluptus, aniseed, chilli and peppermint to help clear out your system!
They are all rather lovely but my favourite has to be the pumpkin. Complete with little candy pumpkins and bats, it is the perfect October brew! I like to enjoy mine as a latte. For all of the teas, I brew the tea using Bluebird’s In-Cup Infuser Basket, which I think is the easiest way to make looseleaf tea! It really takes minimal effort which is great, as previously I saw loose leaf as a bit of a faff, saved for special occasions, and now I drink it every day! I add a teaspoon of tea into the cup, and pour over hot water.
For the latte, I half fill a small mug with almond milk and pop it in the microwave, and then froth it up with my milk frother. I then add it into the tea, give it a quick stir and top with a little bit of cinnamon. It's quick and easy to make and goes down a treat on a chilly afternoon!
It's quick and easy to make and goes down a treat on a chilly afternoon! The flavours in the tea are just magnificent, with rich spices and earthy flavours, it is the perfect autumn drink! If you're looking for something to keep you warm on a chilly evening, or just to brighten up a grey October day, then I'd definitely recommend picking up a new autumnal tea!

*ps. Not sponsored, just flippin love this tea!

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