Falling In Love With Writing

One of the reasons this blog exists is because of my love for writing. Never necessarily anything too formal, but I do rather love writing, even just for the sake of it. Be it lists, notes, letters, memories or plans for the day, I'm always happiest when I'm jotting something down. I love writing mostly because it feels so good to get something out of your brain and down onto paper. It means my thoughts are no longer contained in my head, but now down in a fixed state, ready to share with the world should I want to.

When I was younger, I used to hoard pretty notebooks that would sit blank and empty my shelf, for fear of writing the 'wrong thing' and 'ruining' them. So often I would start the first page and feel unhappy with what I'd put there, and feel reluctant to use the notebook again. Half the time, the book itself felt too pretty to marr with my scribbles inside, and so again it went unused. I now realise that in not using them, I'm waisting them. Who buys a notebook to sit empty on the shelf? How can you enjoy a beautifully crafted book if you're not going to use it? I now make a point to start a new notebook straight away, and have found I love them all the more as a little safe place for my words, as well as a decoration. 
I was very kindly sent some beautiful notebooks by Two Five Five, a beautiful online homeware store filled with sweet gifts and pieces for your home. With an enviable stationery section, it's definitely one to take a look at for those in need of a new notebook. The two beautiful notebooks pictured here are by Esmie, creaters of luxury journals and books finished in decadent, elegant patterns inspired by plants and nature. Pictured here are an A5 and A6 journal in truly beautiful floral patterns. The larger is lined, and has become a lovely space to note down my thoughts and things to do. It's a great size to take with you, but the cover makes it a beautiful item to leave out on display on your desk too. The smaller has plank pages, and I'm in the process of setting it up as a little gratitude journal, filling it with lovely things that I might want to keep and remember.
Having lovely spaces like these notebooks to write in make me far more inclined to do so. I never used to write for fear of doing it wrong or badly, but not so long ago now I realised that I was missing the point. I write for me, be that online or in private, to get my thoughts and feelings out of my head and into the open. I write for fun, be it a short story of something that amused me or a description that  I just don't want to forget. I write because it wakes me up in the mornings, and calms me down before bed. I write to share my day with you, oh (mostly) anonymous online reader, and I write for me, just because I want to.

Do you write? Why do you do it? What makes you love it? Lots of questions, but all things I'd love to know. Write to me below:

C x

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