Going Bare

Let's start with a little disclaimer. This post is entirely not sponsored. It may look like it, but it's just me casually professing my love for some makeup. With that, let's crack on. 

Quite a while ago now, you might have read of my visit to the BareMinerals store in Brighton, where I was kindly invited along to try out some of their new products. Having never tried any products from the brand before, and still being a total newbie to the whole mineral makeup thing, I wasn't so sure what to think. I was kindly sent away with their Complexion Rescue (review here), which after just a few uses, I totally fell in love with. This got me a feeling a little intrigued by BareMinerals. I mean, if the CR was that good, then how would I find the rest of the products? As you can see from the picture above, I then got a little spendy and my collection has somewhat grown. Since taking the picture I've actually added a few more too, thanks to a rather lovely offer on at the moment at Escentual. Rather than talk through my whole stash (that can come later if you fancy reading it!), I thought I'd share my top 5 products. If you want any more info on those pictured above though, do give me a shout and I'll try my best to share!
Yes, I do realise that is 6 products. The two in the middle come as a pair, so I thought that would be fine, and it was too hard to pick just 5! So my favourites are:

SPF 20 Correcting Concealer
For someone with blemish prone skin, a good concealer is a must. This tiny little pot is a mini mirrored compact with a little well of super creamy concealer with a high coverage. I usually pop it on with a small brush and blend out with my fingers. There is a good range of shades, including different ones for warm or cool toned bases, so you'll definitely find a good fit! The SPF is a good bonus too.

Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener
If I had to pick just one favourite, this would be it. If I could only wear one product for the rest of my life, this would be it too! It's a fairly light concealer that you pop under your eyes, blend in, and then miraculously turn into a glowy, well rested person who looks like they have their life together. Seriously. It's actually a magical transformation on the end of a wand. Can't recommend enough!

Complexion Rescue & Smoothing Complexion Brush
I won't go into too much detail as I've already done a full review, but it turns out the one thing that makes the CR better, is the matching brush. I'm not usually one to buy the matching brushes and instead turn to trusty old favourites, but this duo was meant to be together. It glides on the gel formula and buffs in beautifully to look like your own skin, but better.

Mineral Veil in Illuminating
My first foray into mineral products came in the form of this finishing powder. It's a light and airy powder with just a hint of shimmer, it looks kind of pink and glittery in the pot, but on your face it's just a brush-on-glow! It adds warmth and radiance to any makeup look without shine and shimmer, and really helps to add on that healthy glow.

Prime Time Brightening Primer
I bought this one to use under the mineral foundation and it does the job perfectly. This one is ever so slightly tinted and with a whole lot of glow to it. It's another product that looks kind of shimmery but translates beautifully into a natural warmth on the face. It helps to keep your make up on all day too, and I mean all day. Another one I'd totally recommend!

Have you tried any products from BareMinerals? Which are your favourites?