Reasons Why I Love Autumn

So I don't really keep it a secret that this time of year is my absolute favourite. In fact, I've been rather enjoying parading that around my blog and instagram, I just can't resist a golden leaf or a comfy tartan scarf! The lovely people at Higgidy have invited me to share some of my favourite things about Autumn, and I'll be honest, it was hard to pick just a few! As much as I'm not a fan of being cold, I love the excuses to bundle and snuggle up that the colder weather brings. I love foggy mornings, and cloudy dragon breath that comes from stepping out into a fresh morning. I adore the smell of bonfires as the smoke drifts around on the evening breeze. I especially love the light that comes with this time of year, the sunsets are brighter and bolder, and the evening sun glows a wonderful shade of gold that you just don't get in the summertime. 

Evening walks:
Although the evenings are shorter, they feel more magical. As I mentioned previously, there is something so special about the light at this time of year. Dog walks as the sun starts to set, and as the dew forms and the mist rolls in are one of my favourite things about the season!
Cosy Candles & Sweater Weather
It might be cold outside, but it's warmer than ever in my house with cosy blankets, fluffy socks, and wooly jumpers that keep you snuggled up despite the temperature. It's a great time for festive candles too. Scents of pine, pumpkin and caramel are my favourite and at any moment, you can usually find at least 3 burning around my house somewhere!

Winter Food
All my favourite meals are far more suited to this time of year too! The salads and sandwiches of the summer are quickly replaced by soups, stews and pies, and I couldn't be happier about it! There's nothing quite as warming as Butternut Squash soup and a crusty roll, finished off with a slice of Pumpkin Pie! To be honest, if all my food could come in pie form at this time of year, I'd be one happy lady! I'm a big fan of Higgidy and their pies and quiches, and they've recently released a very seasonally appropriate new Steak and Ragu pie topped with crispy potato, warming for the soul and perfect to keep you toasty on a chilly lunchtime!
Eating at the table seems to go out of the window too, I mean why sit on a chair when you can sit on the sofa under a blanket? I'm happiest when snuggled under my tartan wool blanket in my pjs on the sofa, tucking into something tasty while watching something trashy on the telly! Higgidy are launching a brand new Sofa Supper Club celebrating just that, embracing the comfy night in on the sofa over a chilly night out. There's going to be one in Brighton too, so if you fancy eating pies on a comfy night in, then you can book online at It's on the 5th November at the Caribou Rooms, 51 Brunswick Street East, Hove, and tickets are limited so go quick if you fancy it!
It can be a little cliche to be such a fan of Autumn but I do know why so many people profess their love for the season all over the internet. Be it what I'm eating or what I'm wearing, the pumpkins, patterns and scents drifting around, for me it is a truly beautiful time of year, and a time that just makes me so happy!

Are you an Autumn fan? What are your favourite things?

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