How Do You Like Your Chai?

I'll take mine hot, on a cold winters day. Snuggled under a blanket in my favourite old jumper on the sofa, gazing out across the frost and mist, with a warm cup in my hand. Mine will be a drizzle of honey and a splash of almond milk, steeped just long enough to bring out the spices. Hot enough to warm your hands in the cold weather, and just cooled enough to sip.

I'm not sure there is anything that beats curling up with a fragranced, spicy tea on a cold day. JING's Chai is one of my favourites, a loose leaf bold black tea allowing you to brew it just as you like it. Whole star anise and cardamom pods bring the flavours to life, and the blend of a Ceylon base keeps things mellow and warm. Perfectly brewed for one in JING's magic Glass Infuser mugs, it's quick and easy to make a cup whenever it's needed, be it chilly mornings or afternoon pick me ups. 

Thank you very much to Jing for kindly sending the tea and the mug, I love them!

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