Lovely Things #28

I've had a rather lovely week.

It feels as though the universe exploded in colour this week. I'm quite sure I don't remember the trees and hedgerows being quite so vivid in previous years. It's a joy to drive around looking at the colours, and even more so when you can spare the time to go out for a walk. There are still so many leaves left on the trees and in the most wonderful array of oranges, golds and greens, I'll be sad to see them go when they all fall off, but not too sad as dried leaves are made for jumping in!

This week I took some time off and stayed with my family which was such a treat. I've had a good relaxing week: minimal internet, maximum chilling. We've been shopping, walking dogs, wandering in the woods and carving pumpkins. I've been fighting off a fairly rubbish cold but that didn't even seem to matter too much. Other lovely things...

* Cosy Movie Nights..
It's not quite Christmas yet but I've still enjoyed cosying up in front of the fire with a film on in the evenings. Favourites this week include Groundhog Day, and Rocky Horror, a Halloween must have in my opinion!

* Autumn From The Sky
I was very lucky in that my Dad took me flying over the weekend, on the most magical clear day you just wouldn't expect for the end of October. The trees are rather lovely to walk around, but there is something very special about flying over a whole forest and seeing the colours from the sky!

*Looking Ahead
With the end of one month and the start of another, it's reminding me quite how close to the end of the year we're getting. I've got lots of exciting plans forming that I'm excited to put into motion. For me, the end of the year doesn't so much mean a fresh start as much as it is a great excuse to start the things I've been putting off, so I'm looking forward to getting going!

What lovely things have you been up to this week?