Things To Listen To

I've realised that I've got a bit of a funny relationship with listening to music. I'm rarely ever not listening to it, I just can't work in silence so I will always put something on when I can. I find something I love, and then listen to it repeatedly, be it a track, album or artist, until I just couldn't possibly listen any more. This is great when I've found something I love, but not so great in the interim, as often I'll get stuck for inspiration before I've found something new. After years of putting up with the adverts, I recently treated myself to a spotify membership, and can't believe I didn't do so sooner. The uninterrupted music is rather fantastic, and I now can just plug my phone into my car stereo to keep occupied on long drives when the radio just wouldn't cut it.

Do forgive me if I'm now talking about something that you've known for ages, but I didn't know about this until recently so I thought I'd share! I've discovered Spotify playlists; you click 'browse' (on the app) and then scroll down to where you can search by mood or genre. This has completely solved my problem when I feel I don't have anything to listen to, having a huge database of tracks at your fingertips is marvellous when you know what to search for, but not so great for when you don't. My favourite discovery is the 'mood' section, and I'm currently switching between the playlists 'Your Morning Coffee', 'Afternoon Acoustic' and 'Autumn Acoustics', all of which contain a huge amount of calm, relaxing and pleasant tracks, which create a perfect background soundtrack to your day. I've discovered a whole load of new (to me) artists on these playlists too, and I now never seem to be short of something to listen to.

I've also very recently started getting into podcasts, which are perfect for longer gym sessions as I find they provide a little bit of distraction when walking and running! I'm currently working my way through The Lively Show, which consists of interesting chats with interesting people about the world of blogging as a career. It's providing me with lots of inspiration and plenty of things to think about, so I'd definitely recommend giving it a listen. If you've got a favourite podcast, please do share it with me, as I'm now on the lookout to find a few more!

What are your favourite things to listen to at the moment?

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